New World (2021)

I worked on UI for MMORPG New World for PC.

  • Project: New World (2021-2022)
  • Role: UI Technical Artist
  • Engine: Azoth / Lumberyard / CryEngine
  • Studio:  Amazon Games (Irvine)
  • Platform: PC

I worked on UI for New World, a PC MMORPG game. The game uses a proprietary engine based on Lumberyard/CryEngine. Scripting for the interface was done in Lua. I primarily worked on maintenance (updates, bug-fixes, new features) for dozens of screens across the entire game, for a variety of different game modes. I worked on creating a new Leaderboards screen that launched with the Brimstone Sands update in October 2022.

Leaderboard Screen

I handled the layout and skinning for the Leaderboard section. Here is the top-level, category select screen. This drills down into the various modes of gameplay and types of data that needs to be represented.

This is an example of the Leaderboard in action. This single screen displays data across dozens of different game modes, in different categories of gameplay. The player's received rewards are displayed per category. There is a modal filter window where the user can further filter results. I created re-usable components out of certain UI elements that previously appeared as a unique implementation in each screen it appeared on (like the player's avatar).

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