"Yo, it's Bryson! I love to create Games and push boundaries with interfaces. A technical challenge that achieves visual fidelity is excites me! "

My name is Bryson Whiteman. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I studied art & animation and have made a career out of my indie game dev+web development habit.

Video games are my love & passion. I'm fascinated with the design, art and technical craft that goes into games and other forms of interactive art.

I'm excited to find new ways to make people smile with interactive technology - especially using Virtual Reality and physical installations.

Heart of a Gamer

I've been developing games independently since 2002. I got a degree in animation to aid my ambition in creating games. I'm completely obsessed with the technology, business and history of the games industry as a whole. Know your roots!


Unity Expert

I've been a Unity enthusiast since 2009. I released my first Unity mobile games in 2012 and have been trying to keep up since then! ;)


VR Pioneer

I was blessed with an opportunity to be a part of the VR revolution at Oculus. I released my independently developed VR music visualizer, Raybeem, on Steam in 2017. I've exhibited Raybeem over a dozen times at venues: from underground trance parties, to VRLA at the LA Convention center.


Procedural Art Generation

I'm a believer in procedural art. I've been using Houdini for the procedural generation of 3d art assets. I believe that procedural generation will be even more necessary as the need to build larger and more detailed worlds grows.

The Skills
  • Programming: C#, Javascript, python, C++, Lua
  • Software: Unity, Maya, Houdini, Unreal Engine, Substance Designer, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash/Animate, Blender, Perforce, git
  • Hardware: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go, iOS, Android, ARKit, ARCore, Kinect, Arduino
  • Web: HTML5, Javascript, WebGL, CSS3, React, Node.js, PHP
  • 3D: Shaders, tools, texturing, modeling, animation
  • 2D: Animation, illustration, texturing, motion graphics


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My Inspirations

You are what you eat. Here is a list of a lot of my inspirations that have driven me to create over the years.


Favorite Video Games

These are many of the games that have shaped my outlook on life.


Favorite Anime

Favorite Cartoons


Favorite Films


Favorite Albums