HERE Maps CES (2019)

CES 2019 Touchscreen Installation

  • Project: HERE Maps CES demo (2019)
  • Role: Unity Engineer, Motion Graphics
  • Engine: Unity
  • Developed by: DK&A Berlin
  • Client: HERE
  • Platform: Touchscreen Installation

I created an interactive mapping demo for HERE's CES 2019 booth. This was a touch-screen installation that demonstrated the different categories of mapping data available on the HERE platform.


Demo Map Editor

For the purpose of the demo, I made a map editor to add data points for each of the 9 categories of mapping data. This editor will export JSON that's then loaded into the app at run-time.

I made the .json data external so the executable could be updated down the line if necessary.


For CES 2019, HERE had a building dedicated to showcasing the capabilities of their platform.

Our demo was shown on the floor on touchscreen tables as visuals for use with live representatives.

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