GreenPark (2020)

I created UI for this mobile virtual world app for sports fans.

  • Project: GreenPark Sports (2020-2021)
  • Role: UI Technical Artist
  • Engine: Unity
  • Studio: GreenPark Sports
  • Platform: iPhone / Android

I created UI for GreenPark, a mobile virtual world for sports fans. I primarily worked along with a UI Designer and UI Engineer on a daily basis to develop new screens for the game. I also revamped older screens in preparation for our launch of the app.

Card Predicting Game (CPG)

The GreenPark app revolved around a sort-of gambling game - the player makes predictions before a particular sporting match and is rewarded in virtual currency based on how accurate the prediction.


I primarily worked on helping defining the sequence of this "card predicting game" (aka CPG). Once we had a flow established, I worked to polish the presentation to match mock-ups, and worked to integrate art, animation and FX from the rest of the art team.

For this section, I created an initial prototype the functionality of the tunnel which was then integrated with the app. The tunnel is infinitely scrolling and controlled with code. From there I worked to adjust the camera and additional animation and other details (like the color of the tunnel changing over time).

GreenPark Shop

I worked on the layout and skinning for the shop screen for the app. Here is a video:

The store featured the game's MTX items rendered in realtime from the game engine. The player could preview each item on their avatar and spin them around on the item detail page. When a purchase is made, an animation of the item going into a shopping back and a hand picking it up is displayed. I worked with an animator to refine this sequence in order to get the transition as seamless as possible.

Fanergy Rewards

I worked on the Fanergy Rewards screen that provides player's with rewards for progression. Here is a video of it in action:

I worked on revising the layout and visual appearance for this screen. I setup the sequence for the reward screen, including a system for updating the look of the screen based on the grade and type of the reward. The locker graphic is rendered from a realtime 3d model.

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