Dolby SoHo AR (2019)

3D AR Sculptures

  • Project: Dolby SoHo App (2019)
  • Role: Houdini Artist, Unity Engineer
  • Engine: Unity
  • Developed by: DK&A Berlin
  • Client: Dolby
  • Platform: Mobile App (iOS, Android)

I created abstract 3D models for the AR portion of the Dolby SoHo app for the Dolby SoHo theater in New York City.

  • Application uses ARCore (Android) and ARKit (iOS) for Augmented Reality tag recognition and tracking.



An example of AR models overlaying the environment.

A view of the app's home screen. Select the Experience tab to access the AR functionality.


AR Animations as displayed in Unity.

I created 3 variations of this abstract triangle model in Houdini. It reveals itself by the UVs in the Unity Shader so the model had to be designed with the "UV pathway" in mind. This was exported as an FBX and imported into Unity.

Dolby SoHo Theater

The Dolby SoHo app is used to reserve tickets for the theater venue in New York City. AR functionality in the app is designed to work with AR tags located in the venue.


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