Chevron Fan Energy HQ (2020)

Kinect-powered Installation developed in Unity

  • Project: Chevron Fan Energy HQ (2020)
  • Role: Lead Engineer
  • Developed by: Wildlife
  • Client: Chevron / Momentum Worldwide
  • Platform: Azure Kinect-powered Installation

I acted as lead developer for this roaming Chevron installation, debuting at the 2020 Houston Marathon. This application featured a pop-quiz/trivia game in addition to several mini-games in the sequence. At the end, the player is instructed to cheer wildly and they're able to send a video of their cheer by text.

The quiz was dynamically loaded from Google Sheets to allow it to be updated remotely for various sporting events and for different sports themes (Baseball, Football, Golf, Soccer, etc.).

I planned and developed all of the interface, mini-games and the majority of the Kinect interface development.

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